Assuming Positive Intent Series Content

This series of micro engagements is dedicated to navigating relationships proactively and positively.

Workplace Bullying & Accountability includes

  • Bullying Defined
  • The THREE types of Bullying
  • Tips for addressing WORKPLACE Bullying
  • Conflict Management

aht, aht..nah, EVERYONE can not go! includes

  • identifying the FIVE types of individuals who can't exist in our lives
  • self assessing where we show up in each type

A copy of the self titled book, available on the CHBM Services LLC website will be provided at the completion of the course.

Understanding your emotions to help lead includes

  • defining emotional intelligence
  • outlining the skills
  • outlining how the skills work with and for others

These will be live engagements.

Replays will not be accessible via the same links immediately after live engagement.

YouTube viewing will be removed and actual video footage will be uploaded to CHBM Services U, only those who purchase will have access.

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